Case Studies

How we translate stories to numbers is described in our foundational research conducted over 6 years in Aboriginal communities across Australia. 

We translate our science back to stories in over 30 short documentary videos from the Interplay project. 

The above projects were funded through the Cooperative Research Centre for Remote Economic Participation managed by Ninti One

Here we used Interplay Mapping as an evaluation framework to evaluate the wellbeing impacts of a financial resilience program run by the Wunan Foundation in the Kimberley.

We conducted grass roots community consultation with Kalkadoon and other Aboriginal groups around Mount Isa to get their priorities built into the management of a residential rehabilitation program run by the Salvation Army. 

Here we use video to share stories of Aboriginal people living with disability in remote NT communities, working with Ninti One and NDIA. 

Here we use Interplay technology to communicate and connect Aboriginal people living with disability to support services that work for them, also working with Ninti One and NDIA.

Our data is collected by local Aboriginal community researchers in each place that we work.

We use mobile technology to collect data using our customised App.

We worked with the Northern Territory Primary Health Network to design a mentoring program to meet the diverse needs of health professionals working across the NT.