Maps the connections to wellbeing

Interplay is a scientific mapping tool that measures wellbeing holistically. We bring community into the design, to evaluate programs based on shared measures of success.

How we do it

  • We work together in a 'shared space' where each of the key groups collaborate in every part of the project at every level
  • We take a holistic or 'whole of system' approach to understand how all the parts are interconnected or 'interplay'
  • We bring together stories and numbers to represent community values and priorities in a scientific framework
  • Our approach is both strength-based and evidence based to build sustainable impact

Case Study: Pathways to Education Success

900 Aboriginal adults were surveyed from 4 different remote Aboriginal communities. Interrelationships were identified with structural equation modeling.

Better literacy outcomes from culture in school

  • Education outcomes are much better for those who learn about their own culture at school, and learn Aboriginal literacy as a stepping stone to English literacy.
  • Culturally relevant curriculum and learning styles improves education outcomes.

Download the Case Study and read more case studies.

Literacy structural equation model


Our framework and indicators were designed from the ground-up over 6 years in Aboriginal communities in remote Australia.

Developed as a collaboration between the Ninti One Foundation, the Australian Government's Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet and Flinders University as part of the Cooperative Research Centre for Remote Economic Participation (CRC-REP)

Stories from the Ground


This short documentary reveals the complexity of Aboriginal culture in remote Australia. It also suggests that connecting with culture - through being on country, speaking in language, and practising culture in the everyday - improves the wellbeing of Aboriginal people living in remote Australia.

Education and Learning

This video presents a range of perspectives on what can improve education outcomes for Aboriginal children living in remote Australia.


What does meaningful work in remote Australia look like? Watch the responses here.

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